Our world is full of wonders and rare animals. One of them is Tarsier which is found in Bohol philippines. Tarsier is the smallest monkey in the world. The tarsier – or ‘world’s smallest monkey’ was rated the planet’s cutest animal in 1997. Despite this it does not make a terribly good pet. In many ways, you are far better off with a chimp, or, if you really want to impress, a pair of baboons. I’ve seen and held one before when we went to bohol for a week vacation. They are not tame animals, so has to be careful when holding them. We tour around bohol and of course we didn’t wanna missed seeing a tarsier in real which found in loboc bohol. Bohol is such a great place with such beautiful scenic to see and beaches to visit. Read more about this interesting primate tarsier and other species foun in the Philippines.

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