My Mom used to sell food to the gamblers inside the cockpit and my father used to have bred roosters as combatants. So, to earn extra income she decided to rent a space inside and cook food these people. I served there once and it was a tiring job. She planned on opening a restaurant but then she didn’t have enough money for the capital, space, utensils, tables and restaurant banners. She continued the cafeteria business inside the cockpit until our youngest sister graduated in college. Food and restaurant is a good business if you have regular costumer, helper, and capital to last a long time. The things I missed about that kind of business with my Mom were the food. Nothing beats with Filipino food and I missed eating it. I very much missed the roasted pig, the blood stew, and tropical fruits that you can only find in the Philippines. The Filipino foods are the first in my list that I need to enjoy when I go back home. Philippines have lots of native cuisine and great restaurant that offers scrumptious food. And it will take a long while before I will be able to taste those foods again and dine in to some of my favorite restaurants back home.