Contribution by Odis Chan

What are you planning to do for New Year’s Eve? I know what I am going to do. We are taking the kids to see a movie. They like to do things to celebrate just like I do so we have made this one of our traditions. I know, some of my friends are going to go out for dinner and dancing, but that has never been something that I enjoyed all that much, so we will be entertaining the kids.

I’m glad I married a man that shared my love for family time together. He makes this kind of celebration so much better because he always finds some way to make us laugh. I know he will remind me to set the home security alarm from MORE INFO before we leave because I always forget. I’m glad he does too, because I wouldn’t have as much fun if I had to worry about the house.

I don’t really know what movie we will be seeing because the kids are keeping it a secret from me. Sure, Dad knows but they always like to surprise me if they can. I saw one advertised the other day that really got the kid attention so that may be what they are expecting to see, but I will have to wait and see because they won’t tell me.