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Lazada Philippines and MegaLink Inc. Launches New Payment Method

MegaLink Head of Relationship Managers Jennifer Tantan, MegaLink President Benjamin Castillo

Lazada PH CEO & Co-founder Inanc Balci, Lazada PH Marketing VP Paul Mendoza

The country’s biggest online shopping mall, Lazada, is officially the only e-Commerce company in the Philippines accredited by MegaLink, a major ATM Network in the country.

Purchasing goods at is now made easier as the recently signed partnership introduces a first in local e-Commerce. It allows online shoppers all over the country to conveniently choose a payment option most convenient to him/her, adding MegaLink to Lazada’s proven and flexible existing methods: Cash On Delivery, Credit Card, Installments and PayPal.

CEO and Co-founder Inanc Balci states, “We, at Lazada, want to continuously improve the shopping experience for our customers. MegaLink payment option will make shopping at Lazada more convenient. Customer satisfaction is our top priority.”

Through this new payment method, customers can pay for their orders using their MegaLink ATM and Cash cards.

Currently, accepted MegaLink cards are Unionbank ATM Cards, UCPB ATM and Cash Cards, MASS-SPECC Cooperative Development Center ATM Cards and Pacific Ace Savings Bank ATM Cards. More MegaLink cards from the rest of the MegaLink network participants will be available before the year ends.

Lazada will shoulder all service charges making this feature a very enticing option to the millions of Filipinos bearing cards within the MegaLink network.

About Lazada

LAZADA, a venture of Rocket Internet, is Southeast Asia’s biggest online store, with presence in five countries – Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, and the Philippines. LAZADA PH offers over 20,000 consumer products, ranging from electronics, appliances, to health and beauty items, as well as apparel and school supplies.

About MegaLink
MegaLink is one of the largest ATM networks in the Philippines providing electronic financial services to its participants enabling them to transact in various electronic channels 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. MegaLink was formed in 1989 and was the first operational shared ATM network. Currently, MegaLink has a shared resource of more than 3,000 ATMs, over 40,000 POS terminals and 16 million cardholders.

Connecting with Friends and Family

I need a phone that I can use while I will be in the Philippines. I know for sure that having a phone while I am there will be a must as all of my siblings will have one and the only way to contact them for our daily plans is through text or call. So, I definitely need one for myself.

I don’t have to splurge when it comes to buying a phone. I consider having this one Cherry Mobile Flare 4GB (Black).

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To be honest, I love shopping at Lazada Philippines because they have great items and they can deliver them anywhere in the Philippines. They even have a Cash on Delivery option or BDO Installments.

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