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Addicted To Shoes?

The former first lady of the Philippines, Imelda Rumualdez Marcos, had been badly criticized about owning three thousand pairs of shoes (or more?). But every man or woman, for as long as they can afford, can buy as many shoes or whatever footwear they so desire. I do not want this post to sound political, because it is not. Truth of the matter is that, even ordinary citizens could own lots of shoes in a lifetime. There would be some pairs of Manolo Blahniks, some stuart weitzman womens shoes and all others considered to belong in high end footwear fashion. The said shoes could cost a fortune, so if I get to own one or two of them, I will never give them away, no matter what. So in my humble opinion, being the first lady of the land, just like all other celebrated names, Imelda may have had sponsors for some of her shoes. She may have bought some of them, but thinking about her having sponsors is not highly impossible as actresses and models do have many sponsors, specially with their big names. Shoe companies love that their brands be attached to someone famous thus marketing drive, since time immemorial, have always included giving free products to those who can wear them elegantly, for free. Oh, but that’s just my theory on Imelda and her shoes. But with regards to women in general, I am sure many will never say that they are addicted to shoes even though you will see them also as being “imeldefic”, a term coined after the 3000 shoes were discovered to refer to men and women who have so many shoes.

Must-Have Footwear

Girls love fashion, from clothing apparels, bags, jewelries and even shoes. They just love to pamper themselves. Like me for example, I love shoes, anything that is with style and class. One day, I went to the mall to buy a new pair of shoes, one of the sales lady told me that girls flip flops are now on the trend. From the moment I saw it I just fell in love with it. I find time to search on the web for more styles and more colors and I felt relieved by the idea of finding it immediately. The styles are so chic and very fabulous! I just know that they are cool and comfy for me. I told my sister to buy one for ourselves. I ended up buying sweat, socks, and flip flops. They have fast shipping too because I shopped couple of days ago and it arrived on our doorstep yesterday. I’ll post the picture next time. It’s good to treat ourselves once in a while. After all we deserve it anyway. We share the same passion – for footwear that is. Without any hesitation, we ordered the product and guess what? We are so impressed and very contented with it. It was all worth it. Actually, we are planning to buy for more the soonest time possible!

Where to Buy Sexy Stuffs

How do you define sexy? In the dictionary the word is always incorporated with sex and attraction. Well, I guess the word say it all. But don’t put any malice to it because majority of the girls has a pursuit to be look sexy all the time. We want to feel sexy and attractive especially to the eyes of our man. You don’t have to wear strapless clothing to look sexy. Your husband will always find you alluring even if you’re wearing the simplest dress all day. There are so many ways you can do to look and feel sexy. That is for you to find out how.

Hence, Sexy Lingerie is a piece of undergarment that women should wear. Although, some celebrity and random girls these days don’t wear this thing anymore so they will have sexy behind. They have their own personal reason. There are several shopping site online that offers sexy lingerie but only a few have great selection. Feel free to visit the link provided and buy sexy lingerie, Halloween costume and more at a very low prices. Since Halloween is approaching, you probably see lots of deals and choices when it comes to costume. So, good luck on your shopping and enjoy.