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The Search For The Perfect Pair Of Running Shoes

Since everyones’ feet are different, everyone tends to have diverse needs and wants when looking to buy a pair of running shoes. It’s not really a “one size fits all” or “the best shoe” kind of thing. One person might find a specific shoe to be absolutely perfect for them, while another person could try on that same shoe and think it’s terrible. Finding the right pair of running shoes for you can take trying on a lot of different types and styles of shoes to see how they fit and feel. All kinds of information goes into the equation of finding the right running shoe, such as your foot shape, how much you weigh, and what surface you typically run (pavement, inside track, or grass).

The search for the right running shoe has a lot to do with what foot shape you have. Knowing whether you have a normal, flat or arched foot can help you significantly during your exploration for a great running shoe. An easy way to find out your foot shape is by doing a Wet Test. This is done by simply putting a wet footprint on a piece of paper and determining the result. The footprint shows the amount of stability you need in a running shoe and will give you basic information to help you know what shoe features you should be looking for. Another way to determine what foot shape category you fall into is through talking to an experienced shoe retailer.

After you do the test and discover what type of foot you have, you can get started on the search for a running shoe. Running shoes are separated into three major categories – motion control, stability, and cushioned and then there are three, more specialized, minor categories as well – training, performance, and racing. Good luck in your search for that perfect pair of running shoes!

Great Place to Shop Online

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