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Splurge in a 10 Dollar Shopping Spree

What important thing you could buy with your 10 bucks? Would you believe me if I tell you that all these lovely tops and beautiful shoes were only $9.99 or less each? Well, at, you can buy everything for only $9.99 or less! They offer clothing, shoes and accessories for all the family.

10DollarMall is your one stop shop for inexpensive clothing, shoes and accessories that fits to your fashion style and trend. A website which sells womens clothing, mens clothing, kids clothing, handbags, fashion accessories, women’s apparel, discounted clothes, wholesale clothing and everything under $10. You can do a shopping spree with your $10 and splurge at your hearts content. Imagine the cool stuffs you can buy when you $50 or less. It’s the perfect place for savvy shopper and shopaholic. I bought three pairs of fashionable Shoes, some tops, dress and other accessories.

Shopping is a passion, a hobby, a stress reliever, pastime or it can also be an obsession. Shopping is an activity that most women couldn’t live without. If you feel the need to do some shopping splurge without spending too much money, then 10 Dollar Mall is the right place to go. Find Clothes for men and women as well as children’s clothing. I bought three pieces of tops for only $7.99 and one of them is only $4.99 because it was on sale. I love the style, design and cut of all the top I picked. I feel confident to showcase my simple fashion style.

Valentine’s day is approaching, why not treat yourself for something new like a dress, a shoes, lingerie or jewelry perhaps. 10DollarMall has beautiful selection of Dresses that fits to any occasion, from casual dress, club wear to elegant gown which is also great for prom. A dress is not complete without a new kicks to match the outfit. The Green Wedge Heels with pink rose that you see in the picture (image above), that’s only $7.77. Pretty isn’t it? I love it and my husband as my personal critic likes it too. The White Strappy Wedge Heel is one of my favorite brand Bandolino and it only cost $9.99. I also included a Brown Boots with Gold Flower for only $7.77 in my shopping list. It is perfect for fall fashion. I am very satisfied with the quality stuff that I bought at 10DollarMall. specializes in fun “Must-Have” fashions for the smart shopper that has both fashion and budget in mind. It focuses on “Closeouts & Overstock” and sell women’s clothing, men’s clothing, kids clothing, women’s handbags, fashion accessories, women’s apparel, discounted clothes, wholesale clothing and much more all for $10 or Less! Visit and enjoy shopping for less. Connect and stay in touch with 10DollarMall by simply Like their Facebook page and follow them on Twitter. You’ll get update with their latest promotion and new products through the following social media. Enjoy your shopping!

Addicted To Shoes?

The former first lady of the Philippines, Imelda Rumualdez Marcos, had been badly criticized about owning three thousand pairs of shoes (or more?). But every man or woman, for as long as they can afford, can buy as many shoes or whatever footwear they so desire. I do not want this post to sound political, because it is not. Truth of the matter is that, even ordinary citizens could own lots of shoes in a lifetime. There would be some pairs of Manolo Blahniks, some stuart weitzman womens shoes and all others considered to belong in high end footwear fashion. The said shoes could cost a fortune, so if I get to own one or two of them, I will never give them away, no matter what. So in my humble opinion, being the first lady of the land, just like all other celebrated names, Imelda may have had sponsors for some of her shoes. She may have bought some of them, but thinking about her having sponsors is not highly impossible as actresses and models do have many sponsors, specially with their big names. Shoe companies love that their brands be attached to someone famous thus marketing drive, since time immemorial, have always included giving free products to those who can wear them elegantly, for free. Oh, but that’s just my theory on Imelda and her shoes. But with regards to women in general, I am sure many will never say that they are addicted to shoes even though you will see them also as being “imeldefic”, a term coined after the 3000 shoes were discovered to refer to men and women who have so many shoes.

The Search For The Perfect Pair Of Running Shoes

Since everyones’ feet are different, everyone tends to have diverse needs and wants when looking to buy a pair of running shoes. It’s not really a “one size fits all” or “the best shoe” kind of thing. One person might find a specific shoe to be absolutely perfect for them, while another person could try on that same shoe and think it’s terrible. Finding the right pair of running shoes for you can take trying on a lot of different types and styles of shoes to see how they fit and feel. All kinds of information goes into the equation of finding the right running shoe, such as your foot shape, how much you weigh, and what surface you typically run (pavement, inside track, or grass).

The search for the right running shoe has a lot to do with what foot shape you have. Knowing whether you have a normal, flat or arched foot can help you significantly during your exploration for a great running shoe. An easy way to find out your foot shape is by doing a Wet Test. This is done by simply putting a wet footprint on a piece of paper and determining the result. The footprint shows the amount of stability you need in a running shoe and will give you basic information to help you know what shoe features you should be looking for. Another way to determine what foot shape category you fall into is through talking to an experienced shoe retailer.

After you do the test and discover what type of foot you have, you can get started on the search for a running shoe. Running shoes are separated into three major categories – motion control, stability, and cushioned and then there are three, more specialized, minor categories as well – training, performance, and racing. Good luck in your search for that perfect pair of running shoes!