Are you paying too much for your electricity bills? Would you want to save money on power and help to save our planet at the same time? You might want to consider converting your home to an alternative energy called solar or wind generated energy. Solar energy is one easy way to go green and save money by eliminating your power bill. I have seen some households on reality shows on TV convert their home to solar to save energy and hire professional to build their solar panel. Well, you don’t have to spend money to hire a professional in converting your home, you can learn how to build your own solar panel and go green by following the DIY solar panel guide. Green power easy is a new product launching Oct 26 2009. Thus, how to build your own solar panel is one of the things the guide shows you how to build with video of step by step included. They are now offering a free report, an opportunity to get “green power easy TV” for free; I believe an introductory price of just under $50.00. Building your own solar is a practical way to go green. So, check out rich article about building solar panels and get your own copy of the new guide available now.