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Stove Top Stuffing Mix

How was your Thanksgiving ya’ll? We had a very simple Thanksgiving celebration. We bought easy to make food stuffing and mashed potato. Stove Top Stuffing Mix have 6 pack inside the big box. It’s very easy to make because the instruction is found at the box and every packaging.

FTF – Baby Back Ribs – Diet Next Time

Baby Back Ribs

It’s Friday once again and time for Food Trip Friday hosted by Mars Willa. Dear husband was the cook yesterday for our Thanksgiving meal. He found a recipe online and oh boy! The cooked baby back ribs was so yummy. If our food is always like this sumptuous I’d surely won’t stop looking for weight loss pills in order to shed some of the fats. I forgot about my diet when I tasted this food and though to have my diet next time. It has been forever since the last time i had ribs. This was actually on sale for $5 and the husband regretted for buying one only. We may not have turkey and gravy this Thanksgiving but we had finger linkin good baby back ribs. Thanks to dear husband for doing all the cooking. And thanks to our almighty God for good health and abundance of blessings HE bestowed upon us.

Nostalgia – Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving 2009

Last year we spent our Thanksgiving at my SIL place in Chicago. We drove almost 9 hours in cold windy day. They prepared lots of sumptuous food. i wanted to take photo but i was shy. We didn’t have much pictures during the Thanksgiving dinner coz like i said Im too shy to even take a quick snap. Today, we spent our Thanksgiving at my MIL place like we traditionally does. I am thankful for our health, family and good friends like you. How about you guys, how was your Thanksgiving? Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.