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Korean Food

I still have tons of amazing pictures to share during our vacation to the Philippines. Blame it to procrastination. Anyway, husband said plane food sucks which I disagree because for me the food that those flight attendants serve were good. We flew to the Philippines with Asiana Airlines and they have two choices of foods in their menu. One is western food and the other one is seafood or Bibimbab. On our flight to Seoul from Chicago i ordered the Bibimbab over the beef steak. They also serve this strawberry cheesecake flavor ice cream.

On our flight going back to the US the flight from Seoul to NYC i ordered the Seafood. Honestly, only in this flight or plane I experienced this kind of food or Korean cuisine. We spent hours in Incheon Airport and I really wanted to try some of the Korean cuisine, all those delicious Korean foods that I see on TV. Never got the chance to try those foods I wanted because on our flight back we ran out of cash. So, I thank the Asiana Air for these delish food and the tasty palate experience.

Traveling with Kids and Travel Anxiety

Why is it important to book a flight in advance when traveling? Well, obviously we all want to get a great deals and discount on plane ticket and save because the earlier you book the better chances you find good rates thus pay lesser. Take advantage of whatever great offer you will find online and offline in buying a plane ticket. With ethiopian airlines booking you will discover the best deals and amazing rates to save on domestic and international flight. Ethiopian Airlines offers safe, dependable service to destinations all around the globe. So, make a good reservations for you and whole family and book cheap Ethiopian Airlines tickets today. Booking online really helps a lot because this is how we found best deals on our plane tickets for the coming trip to the Philippines. This is an international flight so it should be right that we get good reservations with regards to seats, time and dates of travel including check in time, departure, and arrival. It is also important that you will find in advance some important information about travel fee, baggage allowance and fee and of course your whole itinerary. Booking early eliminates the hassle in planning your trip and helps you have a great travel experience.

Moreover, as much as I want to experience great time on our coming trip I can’t help myself but worry about my children. I am anxious of what could be the worst thing might happen. This is an international flight i am talking about and imagining the number of hours inside the plane makes me anxious. Plus, we are traveling with kids whom can’t keep still for minutes. It had been two years since the last time we traveled to Las Vegas and to be honest we experienced unimaginable situation at the airport when we checked in. Our flight schedule got changed but we weren’t informed. Good thing we went to the airport two hours early before that said flight. No one likes traveling in haste but we had to checked in as soon as possible. They changed our ticket and we had to hurry because we only had few minutes left for departure. It was also funny because my lil girl was in the mood to play around at the airport. To make the story short, it was one of the memorable travel experience that we don’t want to experience again. We learned a lesson from that airlines and everything. So, it is really important to book your flight in a trustworthy and dependable airlines.

Camping Destination

Family Camping 2012

We went camping last summer. It was the first camping experience for our kids. They love it and wanted to do it again next summer. Instead of renting a cabin, we decided to just do the traditional camping and put up our tent. We slept in our tent the whole time. The kids got to experienced grilling a marsmallow and made a delicious S’mores. The camping place we went to had a pool, a playground for children and a hiking area. We all had fun and we hope to do that again next year.

There are lots of activities that we can do when the weather is fine and sunny. We can go to the beach, hiking, fishing, camping and more. Camping is one of the most fun-filled family activity that teaches our kids on how to be independent and interact with nature. In every places there is a camping site that offers great camp facility and safety ground. Camp Chateaugay is one of the many camping area that you would want to consider as they offer amazing summer camp program for kid and adult alike. You can visit their website at for information.

Camp Chateaugay is located in Merrill, New York. Campers will have a blast exploring the area, making friends, getting involve with all the activities and much more. Camp Chateaugay has an incredible collection of activities and facilities that every one (kids and adult) will enjoy and find it memorable. This camp is really all about people – campers from all over including other countries, who become new and lasting friends; counselors and specialists who become new mentors. So, if you are looking for an incredible summer camp with fun activities and program for your teens, then Camp Chateaugay is the perfect destination. So, check it out now!