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Hungry for T.G.I.F

TGIF in the Philippines serve food way better than TGIF here in the US. Although this is an American food establishment but the food they serve over there have better choices. Looking at these delicious foods in the picture makes me hungry and crave for some Filipino food. their restaurant actually was decorated with American icon and stuff like Elvis Presly, Superman, American landmarks and street and post cards. I am impress how Cebu City become a progressive city in the Philippines. The thought of those cool restaurant that serves yummylicious and scrumptious food makes me miss my country more.

Meanwhile, I ordered a mojito drink in my meal that got me a little tipsy after i finished this one single glass. It taste yummy and I wish i could have one of this right now. After our meal at TGIf (this was in the summer at Cebu City) we went to Ayala center and I almost got into a fight because of this stupid playground rule, that you have to wear sock when you’re inside the play area and kids are not allowed without adult supervision. I had no choice but to buy a sock at Rustan’s which cost me 800 pesos. then one of the employee who was in charge at that time had his kid inside bullying other kids. My poor Jake who doesn’t like to fight got bullied but my brat girl fight back and scream at the kid. And because the spirit of alcohol was in me so i yelled at the kid and the father.

Traveling with Kids and Travel Anxiety

Why is it important to book a flight in advance when traveling? Well, obviously we all want to get a great deals and discount on plane ticket and save because the earlier you book the better chances you find good rates thus pay lesser. Take advantage of whatever great offer you will find online and offline in buying a plane ticket. With ethiopian airlines booking you will discover the best deals and amazing rates to save on domestic and international flight. Ethiopian Airlines offers safe, dependable service to destinations all around the globe. So, make a good reservations for you and whole family and book cheap Ethiopian Airlines tickets today. Booking online really helps a lot because this is how we found best deals on our plane tickets for the coming trip to the Philippines. This is an international flight so it should be right that we get good reservations with regards to seats, time and dates of travel including check in time, departure, and arrival. It is also important that you will find in advance some important information about travel fee, baggage allowance and fee and of course your whole itinerary. Booking early eliminates the hassle in planning your trip and helps you have a great travel experience.

Moreover, as much as I want to experience great time on our coming trip I can’t help myself but worry about my children. I am anxious of what could be the worst thing might happen. This is an international flight i am talking about and imagining the number of hours inside the plane makes me anxious. Plus, we are traveling with kids whom can’t keep still for minutes. It had been two years since the last time we traveled to Las Vegas and to be honest we experienced unimaginable situation at the airport when we checked in. Our flight schedule got changed but we weren’t informed. Good thing we went to the airport two hours early before that said flight. No one likes traveling in haste but we had to checked in as soon as possible. They changed our ticket and we had to hurry because we only had few minutes left for departure. It was also funny because my lil girl was in the mood to play around at the airport. To make the story short, it was one of the memorable travel experience that we don’t want to experience again. We learned a lesson from that airlines and everything. So, it is really important to book your flight in a trustworthy and dependable airlines.

Amazing Vacation Rentals

Being away with your family is a big challenge. People may find it difficult to live away from friends and family they used to see and be around with that is why when the time comes and they finally get together, time should be well spent.

When going for a vacation with your family and friends who you have missed for a long time, you should make sure you pick the perfect destination. And when travelling with a huge group, it is more economical and convenient to rent a vacation house rather than book for hotel rooms. By doing so, you will be able to save on accommodation. To add to this, you also get more privacy and larger space to move around. When you choose to travel to Pennsylvania, the most recommended place to visit is Poconos. And do not worry about a place to stay there as there are many vacation rentals in Poconos, PA.

The best thing about Poconos is that there is almost everything a vacationer is looking for. From nature tripping to mountain activities, horseback riding and gambling, Poconos has it! Both kids and adults will have fun during their stay in Poconos, thus no time is wasted. And the bonus part is that after all the activities, you can have a peaceful retreat with your loved once inside the vacation rental house. There are a lot of houses for rent in Big Bass Lake so you can choose from many of the houses out there. You can choose from a big one to a bigger, if desired.