I read new interesting recipe from MyDailyMoment recipe and sure yummy not for children but for adult as well. One part waffle, one part cookies, all parts delicious. Prepare these goodies as you would waffles, but kick it up a notch with a few sweet treats. It won’t matter whether you’re eating them as breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert.

2 cups flour 1 cup sugar 3/4 cup butter 3 eggs 1 tsp. vanilla extract 1/2 tsp. almond extract 1/3 cup chocolate chips

Mix all ingredients well in a large bowl adding choco-chips the last. Drop by teaspoonfuls into your hot waffle iron so as not to make big waffles, but small cookies and serve warm or cooled.

Upon reading the ingredients and easy step, I would certainly try this one out. This would be a good treat to your picky eater who just want to munch cookies.

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