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Crazy New Trends I Love

I was flicking through Vogue recently looking for last-minute present ideas for those friends and family members who are just oh-so-hard to buy for. It’s a great way to learn what’s hot in the fashion world at the moment, and I’d hoped to find the present that’d make the person’s day, and show off my fashion knowledge.

One of the hot items featured was a collection of toy watches. The one that caught my eye had a black strap and bright pink face, and it looked like it was made of that jelly material that is so popular in children’s watches. While it was very striking, whoever thought toy watches would be hot in Hollywood?!

Before you start digging out your children’s time pieces, though, these aren’t just any toy watches. The brainchild of Italian designer Marco Mavilla, there is a huge range of watches which are carefully designed to perfectly entwine that childish look with some serious fashion, resulting in a watch that everyone wants to be seen wearing. They’ve even got interchangeable straps so you can mix and match your favorite colors and patterns, making your watch look stylish and coordinated every time you wear it.

I’m quite surprised at how much I love the collection. There’s a black macho watch that my partner would love, and the zebra and leopard print versions would go down a storm with my friends, combining a fabulous print with an oh-so-stylish watch. There’s even some available in bright yellow and blue, which are perfect for extroverts; there are so many that I totally love! That’s my Christmas shopping done, and I just had to share! What do you think of this crazy new trend? Let me know!

Replica Cartier

A brand, a face and a recognition – that’s Cartier for the world. Dating back to the days of kings and queens, the family of Cartier was engaged as the royal jewellers who used exquisite rare precious stones for ornamenting the men and women of royal families. In year 1847 when Louis Cartier was given the onus of running his family business he could foresee the changing needs of people and thought of expanding his family tradition into something which would utilise their existing skills in producing timeless accessories. Thus was born the star called Cartier brand which is still lighting up the world.
In the watch segment it has showcased its unmatched creations called Ligne De Cartier, Tank, Santos De Cartier, Pasha De Cartier, Ronde Solo De Cartier and many more. Each collection is made with complete dedication which brings along with it best techniques for taming complicated watch movements and the delicate intricate gem work turning watch into a highly prized possession for one and all. Wearing such piece of beauty will pamper your senses and transport you into a world of sensuality, purity and extravagance. People from different aspects of life have committed their loyalty to these chronographs to enjoy the ecstasy of being the best.
Such brilliance in time and intoxicating style is not far from your reach now. Replica Cartier models now present the entire assortment of watches from the authentic label at the most promising price range. Though these are duplicate versions the quality and look of these will make your heart skip a beat. These fake watches promise to transform your boring looks into more contemporary ones with their panache and energy, which will startle the world only if u keep them dry. Wear the charisma of Cartier replica on your wrist and rule the world with your aplomb.