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Watery Wednesday – Brown Water

It is a quiet and cold week at our end. The snow from the other day had all cleared up. It melted away but the weather temperature still on between the 25 and 30. I’m getting bored with the fact that I’m stuck inside most of the winter time. I wish this lazy bum hubz is considerate enough to offer a ride to the mall when it’s not snowing. I hate to get used with this kind of life. I even don’t want to take a shower anymore because I have no reason to.

Speaking of which, last week when I took a shower I noticed that the water looks dirty. The husband said it was not a dirt, it’s probably cause by the snow that had melted away which made the water discoloration. Yeah, right not dirty huh! Do you also experience this in your place?

Clean and Safe Water

It was summer when I first arrived here in the USA. My husband already told me how bad the roads in Pittsburgh. At that time people were constructing the road right in front of our apartment. Since it was summer the weather was warm and humid. But then during rainy days I was shocked to see how dirty the water looks like. Although, my husband told me that the water was safe because this is America everything had undergone standard inspection. And people are paying taxes so they deserved the best and quality. I used simple technique in purifying the water like boiling the water to have a clean and safe water. Anyhow, I was hesitant to consume the water even if my husband assured me that it’s safe to drink, bathe or used it. To be on the safe side I boiled the water before I drink it. Then, I waited to clear up the brown water before i used it for shower or bath. Generally speaking tap water here in the US is safe to drink.