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Unpredictable Weather

It’s been raining all day today and aside from that the weather is also freezing. It is spring and yet it feels like winter. Very unpredictable weather we have this spring. The weather made me feel lazy and sleepy all day. I tried to enjoy myself playing games on facebook but no effect i still feel lazy, sleepy and bored. It’s hard to take a nap with two little kids around. So, instead of taking a nap I went online and surf the net. While surfing the net I came across this interesting offer from about the weatherization training. According to wikipedia Weatherization is the practice of protecting a building and its interior from the elements, particularly from sunlight, precipitation, and wind, and of modifying a building to reduce energy consumption and optimize energy efficiency. This is actually my first time to encounter this course or training. Its’ pretty interesting though because aside from very useful for your own experience you can also make money by doing this kind of work as job once you are done with the training. You can be an air sealing installer, energy auditor or home inspector perhaps. This kind of job paid well. If you are interested you can check out their website and learn more about the training.

Its Getting Better

Hubby and I always checked our weather forecast everyday and look into the 5 days forecast so that we can plan ahead if we want to go somewhere like visit his mom or go for a walk. We did a number of walks as our exercise this last couple of weeks and took our little guy outside but not everyday due to the weather. There were times that weather was nice or good and a lot of times it was bad and cold. I’m sick and tired of cold weather, I want the spring time to spring around. Look at our 5 days weather forcast peepz, I think we will get a break from all this cold winter weather huh. Hope you will enjoy your days with your kids and family having fun-tastic time outside.