I bought this DSLR camera last year from my blogging moolah. The camera bag was not included because I did not picked the one with camera case or bag. It was early this year, I ordered a handmade camera bag from a friend but ended up not using it. I like it though but I haven’t been to any place where I need to bring the camera and extra lens.

Anyhow, I was in the mood for shopping last month and thought of checking out some stuff at Etsy. I found this small and handy camera case on sale. The seller was from Peru so basically, it was a made to order item from Peru. How cool was that. I ordered this bag for $25.00 plus $10 shipping. I thought it was a scam because it took three weeks to get this camera bag delivered to my front door. There wasn’t any delivery confirmation notice or email so I emailed the seller and I received a late response. This baby arrived last week and I love it. Thanks to the seller anyway.