As a parent, I see to it that I capture every precious moment and milestones of my kids. I take pictures and videos all the time and keep it in a safe folder in my computer and USB drive as back up. My husband and I don’t have a camera in our first six years of marriage. I’m glad that my MIL bought us a digital camera before my son was born. We don’t have much pictures of our wedding because we did not have camera then. So, when my MIL offered us to buy a camera we grabbed the opportunity right away. This was three years ago and I panicked when one time the camera broke down. I went online right away looking for a new camera and at the same time checking some canon camcorders to get a good video. Luckily, I received an offer to do a product review and got paid with promo code which I used to buy a new camera. The camcorder has to wait. Maybe of I have extra money I will be able to buy one as it is very useful in taking videos and capturing precious moment of my children.