Chensun Mills’s philanthropic spirit leads her to Costa Rica to help erect an escuela

Chensun Mills Joins Mission To Help Build New Costa Rican School

Chensun Mills truly understands the importance of giving back. An avid community giver and church parishioner, Chensun Mills recently found herself heading to Costa Rica along with seven other missionaries looking to assist a less fortunate community. Packed for a week’s trip with only work clothes and philanthropic spirit in tow, Chensun Mills and the other missionaries arrived completely focused on the goal at hand; to help build an “escuela” or school for the children of this impoverished region.

Chensun Mills Leaves Her Mark In Heredia

Chensun Mills, along with her seven travel companions, arrived in Heredia ready to complete construction on the school which will serve designated students ranging in age from mere months through age twelve. The finished escuela will prove particularly vital for the masses of single mothers in the region. As a mother herself, Chensun Mills can especially relate to the plight of these single moms seeking to find quality, nurturing care for their children so they can work to help support their families. Most importantly, Chensun Mills is committed to the mission group dedicated to broadening a sense of global community based on the simple premise that, regardless of origin, we all share a common set of beliefs and values.

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