As I went online to find some discount medical scrubs, I also found some great scrub hats.  They’re so colorful and cute that I’m sure my kids will love it, especially my little girl.  In fact, I’m already one step ahead of them and thinking what else they will do to such hats.  I know my little girl will try and wear it as her top, she always does that whenever she sees cute cloths and fabric in the house.

I hope I can also find some customized design for my husband.  The site offers them in plain colors so if hubby uses them he’ll sure look like a doctor.  Hmmm… maybe my kids and their daddy will enjoy playing doctor more when they see their daddy wearing a real scrub.

I can’t wait to see them in their new outfits, daddy in his scrubs and my 2 children using their scrub hats as… I don’t know (laughs).