Caring for our elderly relatives can be much like caring for a new born. They also need the extra affection and attention and we also need to keep an eye on them to make sure they are in no harm’s way. Their well-being and physiological health is also of paramount importance that we only need not nourish them with nutritious food such as fruits and vegetables, or make sure they drink their vitamins, supplements and medications on time, or occasionally go out for a little walk under the sun or a little exercise to work on the aging joints and to keep them in tiptop shape, but we also need to make sure they are given the proper amount of pampering to keep them happy. Having said that, I guess you can only imagine how the people working at these homes for the elderly, like nj senior care, go about their day-to-day activities. It is probably much like running a school and a day care rolled into one. And since most of these elderly people needed medical attention, new jersey elder care, might as well be running an in-house hospital or a little clinic, too. Now, don’t you wish there are more of those facilities at home to help us in caring for our elderly?