Couple of years ago when we moved to that house in 1 Stanley st. we fell in love with the backyard. That was the first time we get a backyard because we rented a house. To our excitement we bought a grill right away and had lots of BBQ moment out back. The next summer, we got discourage with the backyard because the snake we saw in there. We stopped doing family BBQ out in the back yard and apparently never bother to clean of grill. Anyway, now that we own a house, my husband and I are thinking of buying a new grill so we start looking around for electric grills. It’s in our wish list for now since we still have to many items and furniture that need to be prioritize. This is our house and we have a lifetime to buy the things we need inside and outside. So, I hope we will be able to buy everything we have in our wish list before summer ends.