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Memory Lane Monday #6 – New Year 2012 and Strawberry Sensation

Our New Year’s eve was pretty simple. The simplest new year’s eve in fact compared to the celebration I grew up with. Dearest babger cooked the food (pork steak bbq) and I made a strawberry sensation. We had a cake and some fruits on the table and also left over cookies.

2012 Family Photo at Schenley Park Trail

On the first day of 2012, we went to the park. Jake and Justine had a blast taking the time of their lives playing. Good thing the weather wasn’t that freezing. Then, we went on a walk in that trail. We switched turns screaming in the woods to hear our echoes and Daddy explaining to Jake about the creek, dried trees and all the question he had. Justine was just busy being Justine. She didn’t want us to old her hand.
Strawberry Sensation

How was your New Year everyone?

I wish we will have a prosperous new year and good health always. God Bless.

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Shadow Shot Sunday | Pumpkin Patch

Justine with her tiny pumpkin and Daddy's big Pumpkin and the Shadow

We went to a pumpkin patch today and bought 5 pieces of pumpkin. This is our first pumpkin patch experience. The kids love it. I never thought pumpkin patch would be this fun. The farm was crowded and there were some rides for kids too. We went on a hay ride going to the pumpkin field and picked our own pumpkin. We planned of stopping by at Wal-Mart or Target to buy the kids some winter shoes. They also out grown their shoes from last year and they don’t have shoes for cold weather. Justine have one pair of close shoes to wear in this kind of weather and she needed a new pair of shoes. Online Colleges have fashion design classes for people who enjoy shoes and fashion. Maybe when this girl would want to be a fashion designer someday because she love shoes. But, then the plans had change because everybody was tired already and the little girl was fusing inside the car so we decided to head home and make a different trip to the store to buy what we need.

Shadow Shot Sunday | Playground

Justine fascinated with her own shadow swinging too

Playground these days are so quiet, not much kids because of the weather change I guess. People who love kids may enjoy becoming teachers and getting a teaching degree with an online PhD.
Jake's shadow that followed him everywhere

Took some of photos of the kids with their shadows while playing at the playground.

The shadow shooter

We are always behind the camera so thought of taking a picture of my own shadow.