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Moreover, as much as I want to experience great time on our coming trip I can’t help myself but worry about my children. I am anxious of what could be the worst thing might happen. This is an international flight i am talking about and imagining the number of hours inside the plane makes me anxious. Plus, we are traveling with kids whom can’t keep still for minutes. It had been two years since the last time we traveled to Las Vegas and to be honest we experienced unimaginable situation at the airport when we checked in. Our flight schedule got changed but we weren’t informed. Good thing we went to the airport two hours early before that said flight. No one likes traveling in haste but we had to checked in as soon as possible. They changed our ticket and we had to hurry because we only had few minutes left for departure. It was also funny because my lil girl was in the mood to play around at the airport. To make the story short, it was one of the memorable travel experience that we don’t want to experience again. We learned a lesson from that airlines and everything. So, it is really important to book your flight in a trustworthy and dependable airlines.