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Apply for Total Protect Home Warranty

Owning a house is an accomplishment. You feel the joy of living in your own abode and providing your family the shelter they need would perhaps completed part of your purpose as parent. I know how difficult it is to acquire a property in this struggling economy. Even if the real estate these days are quite low but the problem is you don’t have the enough amount of money for the equity. Not all of us are given the opportunity to own a house. It’s important to protect your house from unexpected breakdown cause by different appliances and furniture you have inside your house. Get Total Protect Home Warranty offered through Cross Country Home Services, Inc. Find the right coverage that covers the primary systems and appliances you need and use the most. Check out Grow Financial.org and take the 30 days risk-free to review TotalProtect with no obligation quote.

LA Crime…

Guest post written by Alex Menudo

Born and raised in Los Angeles, CA I have to say that I am a loyal resident. Los Angeles, the beautiful sunny city has always been crime active. Over the last year the crime level in Los Angeles has dropped by 15 percent. Here is the 2010 Violation crime statistics: homicide crime level is 3% greater than last year, rape crime level has 16.6%, robbery crime level have dropped by 9.6%, assault crime level dropped by 16.1%, total violation crime level has dropped by 12.6%. 2010 Property crime statistics: Burglary crime level has dropped by 10.1%, personal/other theft crime level has dropped by 9.7%, auto theft dropped by 2.8%, total property crime dropped by 5.7%. I always think it’s better to be safe than sorry so I highly recommend for all sate residents to take crime serious and report any abuse or threat right away. I am a 31year old single female with two dogs and all year around security camera at home which gives me a comfort zone. Being an artist sometimes I’m forced into working a late schedule which means being on the road late and risky. Living in Los Angeles you have to be extra caution and safe. I keep my pepper spray on my key chain and always drive with my windows locked and I stay away from strangers and weird vibes. I even got a security system from ADT Home security Los Angeles. Take care and remember it’s always best to be safe and happy so keep away from any strange activities and remember life is a gift.