Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas - 2008

As you all know, my family and I have been to Las Vegas three times already. We just had our summer vacation last month in Las Vegas. I am glad that I have a sister in Las Vegas who accommodates us with free place to stay every time we decided to take a vacation in the Sin City. Finding Las Vegas Hotels is never a problem as there are lots of hotels to stay. It probably confuse you where to book for a hotel in the first place because of many choices to pick.
The Great Pyramid of Giza at the “Luxor Las Vegas Hotel and Casino

There’s the Luxor Hotel and Casino which I heard have great accommodation. I never been to this hotel but if you’re going to the Strip you can easily spot this landmark.
Las Vegas Vacation 2008

There is also this Hotel behind us which is also big. I’ve been to Wynn hotel too once when my husband and I watched the play Spamalot live.
Bellagio - Las Vegas Vacation 2011

I’ve been to Bellagio hotel couple of times. That first time we were there, we went to their Buffet. I heard they have the best casinos and nice area to see amazing place in the strip area.
M Resort and Casino - Las Vegas Vacation 2011

The last vacation we had, my sister took us to M resort and casinos. Her husband suggested to try the buffet at M for they have great food selection that worth the price. Well, like i said there are so many hotels in Las Vegas. I’m pretty sure you already have your own preferred place to stay on your trip to the fabulous Las Vegas.