Weekend Eating @ IHOP

Couple of weekends ago we were busy with the house closing and we celebrated this achievement at IHOP. When it comes to pancake, nothing beats with the International House of Pancake. I just so love everything in my plate and since we ordered a separate food for my kids I ended up finishing their plate and packed the left overs.

FTF – Rooty Tooty Fresh n Fruity Pancake @ IHOP

“Come Hungry, Leave Happy”

Rooty Tooty Fresh n Fruity Pancake @ IHOP
IHOP is a very famous pancake restaurant among Americans. The IHOP in our area just opened up few months ago and people including us are so eager and excited to eat there. The first time we went there it was so crowded and we decided to just come back some other time when it’s not that busy or full. Then, after Thanksgiving my MIL gave us $500 so we went to IHOP again and prepared ourselves for the long waiting. Read the full story here.
I ordered the Rotty Tooty Fresh Fruity and I almost forgot to take a photo of it because we were all hungry like Lumber Jack. The dragons gobbled my food as soon as it landed on the table. At the International House of Pancakes the Rooty Tooty Fresh n Fruity comes with two eggs, two bacon strips, two pork sausage links and two buttermilk pancakes crowned with cool strawberry topping, warm blueberry or cinnamon apple compote and whipped topping.