Justine with her Dora Guitar

My little Miss with her Dora guitar posing like a rock star. She can’t even hold the guitar the right way yet she look darn cute.

It was my greatest frustration to learn guitar but unfortunately it remains my frustration until now. It’s hard when you do not have your own guitar. They say learning guitar is easy. You don’t have to be a note reader to to play guitar. If you know how to scratch those guitar chords and position your finger on it then you are good to go.

However, that did not work on me. I watched and observed my cousin when he played the guitar. I tried to learn the simple note and chords but I guitar was really not for me. I wonder if I enroll myself to a guitar lesson, do you think there’s a chance for me to learn guitar. How about you, do you know how to play guitar? How did your learn to play guitar?