Yay, got my Nostalgia entry a bit early today it’s a miracle. I’m so lazy browsing the picture folder for nostalgic photos that I already saved a long time ago. I found these pictures at my picasa album.

Our youngest sibling is now in Kuwait. Every now and then we video chat over at yahoo messenger. She gets homesick but she is doing okay. She works in American company in Kuwait with free board and lodging. We had this picture back in 2004 i think and it was also my last year being in CDO.

It was October 2007 when my sister first visited me here in Pittsburgh. We did not have a good communication when we both left Philippines because we had a misunderstanding. We are like cat and dog in the family. We fight a lot but we get along right away. I was so homesick when I got here in the US so when i first saw my sister i couldn’t help but cry. What makes the sisters so special is despite of the misunderstandings and all, you cannot deny the fact that the blood is still thicker than water. We fight a lot and have the tendency to say very mean things but we still get along and shares gossip and laughs.

Anyway, I was penniless when my sister first visited me.  I was 5 months pregnant with Jake and couldn’t get or eat the food I craved.  Thank god to my sister who treat me to Filipino restaurant near our old old apartment and helped me get around the place.  I was like cave preggers before, scared to get out of my cage and the old old single bedroom apartment we lived was in the parkway.  It scared me to cross over the big intersection that even going to a nearest (like 50 steps away) korean store to buy something, i still had to asked my husband to accompany me.