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Getting ready for summer

The weather lately wasn’t so pleasant at all as there were days that the sun was out and all of a sudden a big drop of rain start pouring down. Then if it’s raining the moist will triggered spring allergy. Last week, it’s been raining almost everyday. Good thing this weekend a good weather break which gave us the opportunity to enjoy walking in the park and play in the playground. However, in some part of the world summer is almost over. Here in the US summer is just around the corner. I have a feeling the most girls or women right now are doing lots of workouts to lose weight and maybe under gone cellulite treatment so they can wear swimsuit this summer with confidence. As for me, I just want to lose this extra fats in my stomach so I can wear summery clothing. I have little cellulite though but I am not so worried about it and besides it doesn’t look so horrible I supposed when I wear short shorts. So, what the heck!

Come and Go

Jake’s eczema hasn’t gone yet but it looks better now compared before. We bought an eczema cream and cetaphil cream for eczema treatment that we regularly apply to it after bath. His eczema, they come and go though. If the weather is too humid and hot he sweats like a pig and start scratching. Mostly his eczema stayed in the joint of his leg and at the back of his ear and there also some in his head. But if the weather is not that hot and humid, the eczema doesn’t bother him. He is not scratching it too much even if it is itchy. When summer is over and the weather start to cool down, the eczema would probably go away. I am little worried for winter because the air is so dry and his eczema usually come back.