Technology evolved, new gadget coming out in the market and new wishlist update too hopeless geeky. When iPhone became the talk of the town, I never included it in my wish but deep inside I was wishing I can have one. Then, we went to Las Vegas, my sister has an iPhone and touching it was a dream come true already. This means that, iphone is just the least of my want to have gadget.

Thanksgiving came and husband saw the coolest features of iphone from his nephews, but our cell phone subscriber don’t have iphone. They have Android. That instant, my husband made a decision to upgrade his 4 year old samsung cell phone to smart phone in T-Mobile.

Looking for New Toy at T-Mobile

It was last weekend when we all went to Squirrel hill, it an uptown part of Pittsburgh with small businesses and shops for shopping. I went straight to the post office to mail some packages and postcard. The line was too long and it took us a long while to finished in the post office, Then from there, Jake and I headed over to the t-Mobile shop as Joe and Justine were already there looking for cell phones.
T-Mobile Smartphones Display

When we got there, he already done buying our new cellphones. I was happy with mine and so was he. I asked how much he paid for both our cell phones, I was shocked with the number he gave me. I was shocked with the price but the idea that he paid that amount and sounded like nothing. My husband is so alert when it comes to money. He is not the kind of person who let go that kind of amount from his pocket. Anyways, I am happy with my new toy and having fun playing with it. Finally I am connected to the world of technology and of course able to do my facebooking using my Android Amaze 4G. It’s about time to upgrade our cellphones anyway.
Android 4G Amaze and Samsung Galaxy from T-Mobile