As usual my entry is not only late but is way way late. I don’t want to use this cliche “Better late than never” but hey I just said it. Thanks to bading for hosting this meme. My entry is the certificate in sign language.

I just heard question ovah there saying Do you know sign language? Wow you know sign language pala… Ehem, I have certificate in sign language but I do not know how to sign language. Well, I know a few that is all I remembered. The reason I enrolled in sign language class before was 1. I got tired of teaching and I planned to apply abroad. 2. I was bored with my single life and maybe enrolling myself to sign language, culinary or Hotel and Restaurant Services and even gym and aerobics would be a good idea to lessen the boredom. 3. Sign language was a free class every Saturday only. and 4. It gave me the reason to go out, take a shower and change my clothes LOL


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